Our commercial sized washing machines are easy to use and we are able to give you a personalized wash! We program for the wash you and your family need, whether it be a cold , warm or hot wash! ( always follow the  care instructions on your clothing labels)
Please remember to sort your colors and check that there is nothing left in your pockets!
Next fill in your details via our website or directly with the attendant in store., and hand us your laundry, or secure it in one of our lockers, we’ll send you a message when it is ready to be collected (48hr turn around usually).



Our Dryers are big and beautiful!
When your washing has finished  we take your laundry out of the machine and load it into the dryer! (Please read your clothing labels to make sure they are suitable to go in the dryer)
You can choose a hot or warm dry, depending on what type of fabric your clothing is made of.



When your drying has finished, time to fold your nice warm clothes!
We take your clothes straight from the dryer and fold them while they are still warm, greatly reducing ironing time, or even the need to iron at all!! Pop all your beautifully washed and dried laundry into your basket or bag and your done!
We will then send you a message to let you know it’s ready to be collected!
Don’t worry if you can’t make it during attended hours, we will simply send you a locker number and code, and you can puck it up any time between 7am and 9pm 7 days a week!
All your laundry done! Leaving you plenty of quality time to do the things you love!