Pricing & payment

Cashless and contact-less card payment systems are a convenient way to manage your laundry budget. Both Visa and Mastercard recommend that you keep your authorised cards or smart device at least 10cm away from payment terminals to ensure you don’t mistakenly initiate a transaction. Our Ingenico Terminals work with authorised credit cards (VISA & MASTERCARD) not debit cards with PIN #. Your Smart Watch or Phone when enabled will also activate the payment process.

It is up to the Card or devise owner to monitor their payment, don’t rush and tap one after another – try one tap and watch the screen for processing info – it will tell you if your Card or Bank wants you to swipe or insert the card for greater security (Manual presentation) some Debit cards also need to be physically inserted to process. As a guide if you try to rapidly repeat a transaction your bank may put a block on this, as they are protecting your payments for you.

If you feel a duplication has occurred please contact our manager (5975 9741) with the details and a review and refund can be promptly actioned.

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  • Washer Pricing
  • Starts @ $7 for the smaller 9.5kg Washers
  • The popular 14kg Washers are good for mixed household loads and are $11 with Credit Card or some take Coins as well
  • The larger 18kg Washers can handle Bedding and Bath Sheets (Towels) plus all your general laundry and are great value @ $13 a load – Credit Card Only.
  • The BIGGEST WASHER is our 27kg and this is very popular with our B&B clients and handles Super King Bedding – Doona’s and massive loads. If you take a look inside the drum you can see the difference
  • When Loading the INDUSTRIAL WASHERS you can fill to 3/4 height and snug to the inside of the Glass on the door.
    Ensure nothing is stuck in the door suround when you securely latch the door.
  • Detergent goes in the front right compartment on the top of the unit.
  • Dryer Pricing
  • Simply the majority of our Dryers are set up to do FULL LOADS direct from our machines or brought in from Home.
  • We offer 14kg Gas Tumble Dryers set @ $5 for 35min and some EXPRESS 14kg units starting @ $2 for 14min
    – these are better suited for small loads
    – partially dry loads
    – if you choose a coin set up Express Dryer each extra $1 adds 7min
  • We also offer some 20kg Dryers set up for $6 for 36min
  • In Mornington ONLY there are 2 HOTEL GRADE – 34kg Reverse Tumble Dryers $9 = 42min
    This is the ideal option for large loads of sheets as the reverse action reduces tangles – lessens creasing and dryers more evenly on these HUGE LOADS.